SMTech 100MV High Precision Screen Printer

SMTech 100MV High Precision Screen Printer

Equipment Specs:

The Century SMT system uses a fast, overhead gantry positioning system that is optimized for smooth balanced performance within mid-range production line environments. It can deliver speeds of up to 20,000 dots per hour using the DispenseJet valve. The Century C-718 system is fully supported by Nordson ASYMTEK’s exclusive Fluidmove® for Windows® software, which allows users to quickly and efficiently build dispensing programs within a familiar Windows environment. Targeted for mid-range dispensing applications including Surface Mount Adhesive, Solder Paste, Solder Mask and RTV dispensing. The Century C-718 dispensing system can be easily configured for a range of in-line dispensing operations.

Main Features:

  • Advanced Vision Alignment.
  • Accuracy, reliability, high yield.
  • Fine pitch capability
  • Compact footprint.
  • Manual vision system.
  • Adjustable systems tooling (configurable, double sided tooling available )
  • Vacuum tooling
  • Mylar alignment aid

(also Known as VMP20MV, UP100MV, Sigmaprint 100MV)

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